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WebQuest: The Xtreme Files
(Chapter 8 - History of Life on Earth, Challenge)

In Chapter 8 students explore the history of life on Earth to see what it tells us about the possibility of life elsewhere. They see how Earth has gone from a planet with no life to a planet covered with life virtually everywhere we look–from the ocean floor to the mountain peaks, from the ice of Antarctica to the sands of the Sahara Desert, from the rocks beneath our feet to the air all around us!

By exploring the history of the only confirmed habitable world we know students can appreciate the ability of life to survive, even under the most extreme conditions.

The Xtreme Files is one of a series of WebQuests in the Astrobiology curriculum that serve as culminating activities to synthesize unit-wide concepts in a collaborative, inquiry-based way. Students use the latest Web-based resources to explore the great diversity of life and the extreme conditions under which life on Earth exists.

Teacher Guide (pdf 412 KB)

Student Guide (pdf 516 KB)

WebQuest: Xtreme Files

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